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The key to cheap travel in Las Vegas, the city of bright neon lights and flashy characters loaded with money only to spend it all in the casinos, is in selecting a budget accommodation. You can stay in any of the cheap motels in the city to save on your lodging cost. Apart from this, you can also get good deals on city shows, nightclubs, golf courses and dinner reservations; if only you know the right place to go to for booking your entire Las Vegas vacations.

Holiday Travel in Las Vegas: Holidays, Vacations, Vacation Packages

Of the many fabulous attractions that are a trademark of Las Vegas, world-class dining, couture shopping, trying your luck at its many casinos and enjoying its live shows are a must for every tourist visiting the city. There are many Las Vegas vacation packages that are tailored around these very activities such as Las Vegas Shopping Extravaganza, Las Vegas Sightseeing Tour Package, Las Vegas Shows Vacation and Las Vegas Family Vacation.

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The smartest way to see and do the best things in Las Vegas is by taking a Las Vegas Explorer Pass. Once you have bought an Explorer Pass, you need to select either a day-long, round-trip, guided tour of the Grand Canyon, which includes breakfast and lunch or "V the Ultimate Variety Show" which is inclusive of dinner reservations. Thereafter, you get the option to select two of the top 23 listed attractions that you can visit within a 30-day period.

By buying an Explorer Pass you not only save up to 50% or more on regular ticket prices but are also entitled to additional benefits like exclusive discounts in a few selected restaurants and shops and VIP entry at many attractions, thus enabling you to jump the queue at these destinations.

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Easy Travel Packing Tips for Las Vegas Trips - For Convenient Vacation Planning

Packing right for any travel program is of utmost importance. While planning your vacation great thought also has to go on packing. If you pack things you do not need you would unnecessarily be lugging things around. Also most people tend to carry excess baggage which is a complete no-no. One should make a list so as to not miss out on carrying essential items. If you do not carried what is required it would lead to unnecessary expenditure as you would end up buying those things.

The key is to pack light. Carry clothes that you can mix and match so as to carry fewer numbers. Travel tips for Las Vegas cannot be very different from any other place but for one thing.

In Las Vegas you would probably be hopping from one casino to the other and may be standing for long periods of time therefore it is essential to wear the right kind of shoes. A comfortable pair of shoe that is suited for all occasions would be a good choice. The A/C's at the casinos may be rather chilling. Also the winters in Las Vegas would demand a jacket or coat. Carry along a sweater or a wrap that would help you deal with the cold.

Las Vegas has a whole lot of pools, being in Las Vegas and not going for a swim would be blasphemy. Do not forget to carry your swimsuit along. A first aid kit is essential and also a good camera to relive the memories of a wonderful holiday.

Pack right and enjoy your Las Vegas vacation.

Helpful Tips to Make a Long International Flight Journey to Las Vegas Comfortable

A long international flight can be stressful for any traveler and a long flight to Las Vegas is no exception. With long waiting time at the airport, uncomfortable sleep in the airplane, and the boredom travelers are often weary, jet lagged, and absolutely exhausted by the time they reach their destination. Here are some tips on how you can reduce on this discomfort during your next long international flight to Las Vegas.

Do not arrive at the airport with just a short time margin in hand for the check in procedures. Arriving beforehand will ease out this stress involved with check in procedures. Carry some good reading material and music of your choice for your journey. While most of the international flights offer music, movies, and videos for the passengers to watch, you many not always find it according to your taste. Watching your favorite comedy movie is definitely going to put you in a much better frame of mind.

Some of the essential items that will make you comfortable during your long journey to Las Vegas are inflatable neck pillow, soothing eye drops, eye shades, loose clothing, and a mini travel kit with your favorite cologne and face wipes.

If your airline to Las Vegas is offering alcohol, keep your alcohol intake within 2 drinks. While getting sloshed may put you in the merry mood initially, it can get extremely uncomfortable going forward. If you can, select seats with extra leg room inside your flight to Las Vegas. The seats near the emergency exits and other exits offer you much more leg room than other rows. Virgin Atlantic, XL Airways, Philippine Airlines, and British Airways are some of the airlines that offer long international flights to Las Vegas.

Grab Some Thrills at Stratosphere Las Vegas - The Tallest Tower in the US

Stratosphere is one among the tallest towers in the country and the tallest in Las Vegas standing at approximately 350 meters above ground. It is basically a hotel, casino and a place where you can experience extreme rides. Thrill seekers should not look any further since its inception the tower has pushed the boundary when it comes to thrills.

The thrill rides are the trademarked Sky Jump, Insanity, X Scream and Big Shot. The Big Shot is also the tallest ride in the thrill category in the world. All of the rides are ranked the most extreme and highest in the world. Insanity dangles riders from the tower edge and spins them around at 40 miles per hours. A controlled descent extreme ride the Sky Jump opened this year and plummets people over 200 meters from the tower top.

While these jumps and rides do not exactly fall in the category of inexpensive rides these are well worth and a life time experience. The Sky Jump ride is one of the most expensive pegged at around $99.99 for a basic one jump, you can also opt for the $114.99 package which includes a DVD and a 2 other packages that include a photo, DVD and a tee shirt.

In case you wish to club together these rides while booking your hotel rooms you can opt for the Thrills Package offered by the Stratosphere Hotel. You can choose up to 2 rides per person and one elevation to the tower in this package.

Helpful Information on All Top Casinos in Las Vegas

When touring Las Vegas, do not miss the chance to try your luck at gambling. The spectacular city of Las Vegas is well-known for its casino games and luxurious casino hotels. Nowhere in the world can you find such a wide array of casino options as you would find in Las Vegas. Therefore, no trip to this amazing city can ever be complete without giving a shot at casino gambling.

However, it is better to know about some of the finest casino places at Las Vegas before you step out to enjoy the games. Here is a list of some of the finest Las Vegas casinos.

Bellagio - For those looking to enjoy a truly upscale gambling experience should head to this casino. There are semi-secluded gaming tables featured within the intimate space, where you can try out your hand at blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat. It is a haven for gamblers, especially poker lovers as there is one deluxe room devoted entirely for poker.

Flamingo Las Vegas -This casino is opened by gangster Bugsy Siegel and has been in business for more than 50 years. Based on the Caribbean-theme, this casino features several slot machines, roulette wheels, blackjacks, craps and video poker machines.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino -This massive casino housed within the expansive resort offers an ideal gambling environment. There are several table games and over 2400 video poker games and slot machines. It also houses a private pit where high-priced betting is carried out.

Venetian Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Rio, Paris Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are some other popular casinos in the Sin City, offering gamers a fabulous gambling experience.

How to Choose a Reliable Car Rental Company in Las Vegas from a Wide Range of Options

Las Vegas can be an ideal destination if you looking for a quality vacations with your family and friends. And that is because this place is the hottest hang out for fun loving people- from casinos to great eateries, affordable accommodation- you name it, and it exists. But if you want to really enjoy the city's spirit. You will have to travel hard. And what can make your tour an unforgettable experience is a cool car. If you hire a car, you will have all the freedom you need to experience the fabulous place at you own will, and pace.

You can go online and learn about the various car rentals available at Las Vegas, NV. The companies let you choose from a variety of available cars for all price range. From exotic to sports - all type of cars are available for rent, and you can choose them according to your needs- obviously if you are with your friends, you won't choose a two seater!

And when we spell variety we really mean it. Sport cars, luxury cars, vintage cars - you can get it all in Las Vegas. The variety really is a result of the high number of tourists, and high profile people who visit the place. So if you want to ride a Rolls Royce of the 80's, you may find that Vegas are the place where you can fulfill your fantasy ride. You can also ask your friends for some good references if they have used car rentals at Las Vegas. Asking the local people is also a good way to find the most reliable and reasonable car Rental Company.

The rents are really affordable, and in case you don't want to drive, you can rent a driver for some additional charges. But the first thing for you is to decide on the type of car- based on both your affordability and space requirements. If you are perfect with it, you should have no problems in finding a car for rental in Las Vegas.

Have Great Fun at Ballys Las Vegas: Traditional Casino Games and Truly Distinct Entertainment Experiences

If you are in Las Vegas and spending time at the Strip, make sure to visit Bally's Las Vegas, formerly known as the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

The Ballys has been featured in several prominent movies, as the be all and end all of glamor and casinos, and it is true. You will find the finest elegance and glamorous settings at the Bally.

Ballys of Las Vegas is not just a casino hub, it has several amenities and features that will keep you interested for a long time to come. It also has several entertainment activities that will keep you spell bound for hours to come. You can view the Donn Arden's Jubilee which is well known for its spell binding sets, its elaborate costumes and of course, talented singers.

Bally's is also known for being home to The Price is Right: Live version, where the live audience attends the show. Every member of the audience is a participant and you can win prizes galore!

What touring is complete without people having a taste of the food! Diners have a chance to taste the food prepared from the most famous chefs from all over the world at Ballys. Bally's has several casual dining restaurants, right from the Tequila Bar and Grill to other restaurants like Downstairs, Ichiban Sushi, etc. You can experience sushi dishes, pizza slices, authentic Mexican cuisine and other great dishes.

Harrahs Las Vegas Gaming: Magical Entertainment and the Hottest Shows

Las Vegas is widely known as a very lively city in the United States. It is also famous for the gigantic and enormous casinos and gaming centers. One of the gaming centers that you can find in Las Vegas is the Harrahs. This is a very lively show that can present a very relaxing fun events and entertainment that you can surely take pleasure in while you are on a vacation in Las Vegas.

Hence, you can also purchase tickets through their official website especially if you are a very busy person or you wanted to buy and have a reservation in one of the events in Harrahs in advance.

Here you can witness a comedy, magic, and music shows, so all you have to do is to choose and freely consider your preferences in watching various shows. Various brightest stars in the field of entertainment usually perform live in Harrahs. It has to offer about three thousand seats for their guest, so even if you don't have enough time to purchase tickets earlier than the show or event you would like to watch, you can always find a seat.

Harrahs is even available in Facebook, the widely used social network these days. So, if you are interested in acquiring tickets for entertainment show at Harrahs then you can also use FB to be always updated. After all, internet is widely used to purchase as well as to be updated to almost everything in this world. This place is definitely a year round entertainment destination especially for people who want nothing else in the free time but to have fun.

Fun and Logic Entertainment in Las Vegas - Casino Gambling Basic Strategies

Las Vegas Casinos offer a plethora of games for experienced and newbie gamers. However it's best not to be uninformed when you decide to check out the gaming scene in the city. Understand the games prior to playing, make sure you keep a tab on the money you are carrying, and make full use of conveniences.

Popular games played in Las Vegas are Keno, Slot Machines games, Roulette, Craps and Blackjack. There are quite a few strategies you should employ to ensure the spending and the winning is on an even keel. Also making use of the popular player cards will ensure you take advantage of the freebies that come along with them. These player cards are special cards with information on the games played, points won, and details that helps the casinos keep a track. These are issued upon registration and are usually valid for a period of 3 to 6 months depending upon the issuer.

There is a certain percentage of win loss statistic enables a casino to remain profitable in its running. Hence this is in turn applied to each of the games it offers its players. Keno, Slot Machines are games that have substantial odds stacked against you. For roulette wheels the casino keeps close to 90% of the probability with you and 10% with them.

Blackjack is another popular game that has the house give itself an edge of a minimum 3 to 5% against the player. Kindly make sure you learn the tricks, tactics and strategies in order to know when you need to cash in your chips and walk. Some popular casinos are Wynn Hotel and Casino, Palazzo Resort, Bellagio and Excalibur hotel.

Full Preparations for a Fabulous Wedding at Tropicana Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for weeding in whole of the world. Hundred of chapels spread here and there in Las Vegas for this purpose only. People from all over the world come here to get married.

The general requirement for marriage is that applicant must be male and Female and at least 18 years of age and not having and husband or wife living. US citizens need to check with the special document need to ensure that your marriage will be accepted in your country. Proof of age is basic requirement for prove the age. On marriage licence social security number is required. Without the knowledge of social security number your marriage may be refused.

So preparation for such kind of wedding, also need to be fabulous one. There are lots of packages offered by the tour operators nowadays for making your wedding in Las Vegas memorable one. You can order florist who will design special bookie for your wedding ceremony. Special dresses are ordered and there are special dress designers who only take these kinds of special orders. You can add theme party in your wedding and for this you can take advice of the catering people, who especially available in Los Vegas. You can request your guests to wear particular type of clothes during your wedding, for example you request your guests to wear green cloths at the time of weeding this will give a special look in your wedding.

If you don't want to take so much of headache for all of the above, there is also an easy solution for that you can contact any of the weeding package planners and they will organise all of them for you for have a fabulous wedding at Tropicana Las Vegas.

Don't Miss These Annual Sporting Events - For an Exciting Las Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas offers great all round entertainment. Along with the amazing gambling, music, and shopping that the city offers there is plenty for the sports lovers as well. Here are some of the annual events which are a must see for every visitor to the city:

Las Vegas Bowl: A college football bowl game, the Las Vegas Bowl is held near Christmas every year. The game is held in the Sam Boyd Stadium which has a seating capacity of about 40,000 seats.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series draws million of visitors to the city to the Sin City. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway has a seating capacity of 142,000 and also hosts other annual racing events like the NASCAR Nationwide series, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, and NHRA Full Throttle Drag Race Series. These racing events make Las Vegas one of the favorite destinations for the fans.

Golf: For the lovers of golf, Las Vegas offers 3 major annual events namely the PGA Justine Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open, LPGA TakeFugi Classic, and the PBA Senior Tour Las Vegas Open. The PGA Justine Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open is held at the TCP at Summering, LPGA TakeFugi Classic at the Las Vegas Country Club, and PBA Senior Tour Las Vegas Open is held at various locations across the city.

Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon and 1/3 Marathon: This annual foot race marathon is one of the oldest of its kind of events in the United States. Starting at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, the marathon carries though the south of the Grand Central Parkway, East of Viking Road and ends at north of Mandalay Bay.