Las Vegas Major Attractions
Almost every one of the hundred plus Las Vegas is so unique that it is difficult to determine a precedence. Yet visitors who are hard pressed on time may want to focus on the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay Hotel, the Manhattan Express Roller Coaster, the Eiffel Tower, the Stratosphere and more.
Las Vegas Transportation
The Las Vegas Monorail is a convenient form of transport. In a hurry, take a taxi. Monorail stops at the rear of hotels. Negotiating evening traffic can be painful.
Las Vegas Attractions
The city dotted with casinos everywhere will hold the center state in Las Vegas. Away from the Casinos Vegas also offers a slew of attractions spread across the Strip and off the Strip. With as many as 100 top attractions visitors need plenty of time on their side to savor all those.
Travel to Las Vegas on Business
Business travelers to Las Vegas have a sea of business hotels to choose from. The Bellagio, The Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort Spa&Golf are among the top rated hotels. For the budget conscious, Holiday Inn Las Vegas and Hilton Grand Vacation suites are ideal.
Las Vegas Accommodation
Considering that VEGAS is a gambling capital, staying safe should be your priority. Caution is the watchword. Tuesdays through Fridays hotel prices tend to go downhill.
Las Vegas Tourist Destination
The Las Vegas of modern times is the casino capital of the world, or more aptly the gambling capital of the U.S. While gambling remains the main stay, there are regular tourist attractions on the kerb.
Las Vegas Landmarks
Las Vegas as we all see today has a very short history of a little over 2 decades. The El Rancho Vegas resort of 1941 and the Flamingo Hotel of 1946 set the tone for all the good, bad and that Las Vegas offers.
Have Fun in Las Vegas
Las Vegas has something on offer for everyone. Whether you are on a family vacation, business trip, or simply looking to try your hand at the scores of poker tables across the city, no one ever goes back disappointed. Museums, Wildlife, Roller Coaster rides, Fountains, Entertainment and a long list of everything else - Vegas has it all.
Las Vegas Vacation
The main stay of Las Vegas Vacation is its Casinos though there are other tourist attractions. Getting into major casinos can be challenging and pricey. Research your options and play safe.
Las Vegas Budget Travel
Research is the key to budget travel. Look for the 2 for 1 coupon. Cheap eateries can also be found. Have a good grip on your wallet - it is Las Vegas!
Nightlife in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the night life capital itself. Over 40 night clubs and 36 million swinging every year, you won't need a more vivid description. When you are funded, look for the VIP passes though they are pricey.
Las Vegas Strip Sightseeing Tours
Depending on your focus Las Vegas a wide range of sight seeing tours. Grand Canyon tours, helicopter tours, Las Vegas City tours, Hoover Dam tours and more. With a strong credit card in hand you can savor Vegas for several days at length.
Las Vegas City Information
It is only over the last two decades or so that the modern Las Vegas has come into being. It is gambling, gambling and more gambling everywhere. The city is considered hot and you should guard against dehydration
Las Vegas Casino Experience
Two types of VIP passes are available for quick access to the major Casinos, particularly at week ends. One that puts you in a line that takes about an hour and the other which gets you right on to your table. The door man can black list you if he thinks that you are a pain on.
Downtown Las Vegas Lodging
Hotel prices in the 'Sin City' are way below most other American cities. Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas offers a wide range of hotels with prices beginning as low as $28 per room night! Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, California Hotel and Casino, Four Queens Hotel and Casino are among the options.
Las Vegas Travel Tips
Most visitors arrive on Saturdays and leave on Mondays. Hotel accommodation can be ridiculously cheap between Tuesdays and Thursdays if the week end Casino experience is not your priority.
Off-Strip Las Vegas
When you are not at the tables in Las Vegas there is plenty to do off the strip. A variety of sight seeing tours, the Hoover Dam, engaging shopping experiences, golf, skiing and more awaits you off the strip. Take time off the tables to savor these while you are there.
Vacation Hotels in Las Vegas
Visitors arriving Las Vegas on vacation are assured of affordable yet comfortable hotel accommodations. Most mid scale hotels are priced well below similar hotels in most other American cities. Yet for those who are looking to splurge top luxury hotels priced at $1500 and more per room night are also on offer.
Things to Do in Las Vegas
Get a taste of the Casinos of course. But learn before you go and know your limits.