Ideally located in the very center of the Mojave Desert, at Nevada's southern tip, Las Vegas serves as an oasis of energy, money as well as life. As per the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, this great destination is now considered to be the fastest developing city of North America featuring an estimated land of two acres being under development all 24 hours a day and seeing about 50000 visitors yearly to travel Las Vegas thereby choosing to create the suburbs and the city their home.

What is a must see and enjoy in Las Vegas is truly the Las Vegas train system which is not just special but convenient as well. There something or the other special about this train system ranging from possessing the smallest footprints of elevated transport systems to the capacity of speeding up from one part of the Strip to another in only 15 minutes time.

The Las Vegas train is an elevated and seven stop Monorail system that makes a journey all through the 3.9 mile route thereby connecting the main attractions and hotels along the very popular Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas train enables the passengers to take a ride in its clean, climate controlled, comfortable and safe environment.

With the trains arriving in few minutes, the passengers are easily connected to high class hotels, shops, entertainment venues, resorts, casinos, restaurants as well as the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Las Vegas train system was initially envisaged as the joint venture between the Ballyi Hotel and the MGM Grand, with the plan to make a mile transit system thereby linking the major hotels of the city. This forward thinking and interesting idea took flight in the year 1993 and then later included the idea to expand to various other destinations along the Las Vegas Strip.

The expansion plans for Las Vegas train system evolved and the professional group including Granite Construction Company, Carter Burgess and Salomon Smith Barney, Liaise Corporation and Gensler & Associates was assembled in order to make this amazing Monorail system.

The environment conscious passengers who rode the Las Vegas train in the year 2007 aided in yearly removal of the vehicles from the main roadways of southern Nevada and also reduced the emissions by about 58 tons carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and even the volatile natural compounds.

The Las Vegas train system is also featured with the great surveillance in order to offer a high level of protection and safety to the passengers.

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