Taxi Services

One of the most popular forms of public transportation in Las Vegas is taking a taxi to travel to Las Vegas. There are various Las Vegas taxi services that can provide you with cabs for traveling inside the city and around it.

The Las Vegas taxi services are easily affordable. If you have to travel alone or with more than or two people, you will see that taking a taxi will be the easiest and cheapest option. This is because most of the places in Las Vegas are located at fairly close distances from each other.

There are a total of sixteen Las Vegas taxi hiring services in the valley. All of them follow fair practices. The taxi driver starts the taximeter as soon as you enter the taxi. It starts with an initial charge of $3.30. If you are taking the taxi from the airport an additional airport surcharge of $1.80 will be added to your fare. The usual rate per mile is $2.40 once your meter starts. This is as good as driving around in your car, but the comfort is incomparable.

The Las Vegas taxi services require you to tip the driver with about 15% of the total taxi fare. You are also required to pay $1 extra in the tip for every bag that you have with you.

You have to pay an extra surcharge if you take a taxi from the airport or towards it. However you do not have to pay any surcharges for the extra passengers. The best part of hiring a taxi is that it will drop you off at your hotel's front door. This saves your time and is also very comfortable.

So whether you travel Las Vegas alone, with a partner or in a group, consider hiring a cab from one of the Las Vegas taxi services. It will save your time and money and you will get to travel comfortably.

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