Public Transportation

Your travel in Las Vegas NV can be very tiring if you drive around in your own car. This is because the traffic in the city can be a real pain in the neck. The best way to travel around in the city is to use the various Las Vegas public transportation options.

One of the popular Las Vegas public transportation options is the Las Vegas Monorail. You can get an all-day pass for just $12 on the monorail. It is not only very affordable but is also very comfortable. The monorail cars are climate controlled so you can relax without worrying about the temperature inside. Also it stops behind all the major hotels in the city. You can make your journey to your hotel in a fast way without facing the traffic.

Another Las Vegas public transportation option that you can choose is the CAT (Citizens Are Transit) bus line. It has 49 routes throughout the city of Las Vegas and the areas surrounding the city. As an adult you will have to pay $1.25 for a single route.

You can also buy an all route pass for an entire day for just $5. Also if you plan to stay longer you can get a 30-day pass. This CAT bus line not only saves your money but also is a comfortable way to travel.

Taxis are another popular form of Las Vegas public transportation. They are really affordable, as the distance between the places is not that much. You have to tip the driver with almost 15% of the total fare. Also for every bag you will have to pay $1 in your tip. The taxi drops you to the front door of the hotel in a comfortable and swift way.

So on you next travel to Las Vegas, do not use your car and instead rely on the efficient Las Vegas public transportation options.

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