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In 1829, when the first European visitor Raphael Rivera discovered this isolated valley, maybe he had never given a thought that the land he stood on, in future, would become a world famous city for everything associated with fun and enjoyment. You must know this city even if you have never been to it. The name is - Las Vegas!

Upon Raphael's discovery, the areas of Las Vegas Valley abounded with wild grass, water and extensive green grounds. That's why this region got its name "Las Vegas," which means "The Meadow" in Spanish. At that time, Las Vegas Valley was still a part of Mexico.


In 1844, John C. Fremont, an America military officer, got to Vegas with a group of scientists, scouts and observers. In his journal, he gave a detailed description of two springs that he had found in the valley. These pieces of writing began to prevail and drew a large number of individuals to the valley.


Around 1855, members of the Mormon Church decided to build a fort at Las Vegas, as a stopover halfway between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City for travelers to gather supplies. However, this fort, together with the entire Las Vegas area, was abandoned by Mormons just several years later.


(Be Noted: This historical "Mormon Fort," today, is near the current downtown area and its remainder is still visible at the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd and Washington Avenue.)


Afterwards, in the early 20th century, Las Vegas, again, came into the spotlight. This time, it turned into a popular railway town serving as a refueling point and rest stop, for the line connecting Southern California and Salt Lake City.


When it comes to 1905, this year saw the milestone on Las Vegas history. On May 15, 1905, Las Vegas was established as a city, with 110 acres of land auctioned off by Los Angeles, Salt Lake Railway and San Pedro, where the current downtown Las Vegas lies.


On July 1, 1909, Clark County was founded. Las Vegas then was chosen to be the county seat. Two years later, on March 16, 1911, Las Vegas was incorporated with a population of 800. No one would image that this number will balloon toover 580,000 in 2010!


Since Las Vegas incorporation in 1911, the city has been under the operation of the so-called "Commission." This was the original form of Las Vegas government. Each of the commissioners took over the administrative control on a certain department of the city.


This situation lasted till 1944. On January 1 of this year, the "Council" form of Las Vegas government was settled by the vote of citizens. Then late to 1973, also according to a vote of people, the city was divided into 4 wards, which means, hereafter, the mayor will be elected at large while each councilman is elected by the voters of his / her own ward.


During the following two decades of the city's establishment, Las Vegas was not as that bloomy as people had expected. It became less important and even ignored due to the fast development of railway.


At the point when people thought Las Vegas would gradually step out of sight, one thing happened which contributes greatly to the incredible boom of Vegas population and economy.


At the start of 1931, the construction of Hoover Dam began. It brought a large throng of workers into Las Vegas Valley, seen as an effective step during the Great Depression to stimulate economy and ease the pressure of unemployment. The Dam was completed in 1935, beingthe tallest onein its kind throughout the world ever since today.


The outbreak of World War II made the defense industry flourish in Las Vegas, owing to the city's isolated site, plentiful water and inexpensive energy. Nellis Air Force Base and the Basic Management were established at that moment. The defense industry offered diversified job opportunities for local residents. 


No one knows for sure the exact time, or maybe just following WWII, luxurious and sumptuously decorated resort properties and gaming casinos came into existence in Las Vegas, offering out-of-this-world entertainment. Gradually, tourism and entertainment became the largest drive of Vegas economy.


(Do you Know: Though Las Vegas likes to bill itself as "the Entertainment Capital of the World," its tolerance of a variety of adult entertainment also earns it another title - Sin City!)


On May 15, 2005, the city of Las Vega celebrated its 100th birthday, reminding people of the same date in 1905 when downtown Las Vegas was founded, laying the foundation for the city world famous today.


Time Outline:[Back to top]

  • 1829, a scout named Rafael Rivera became the first European traveler to Las Vegas Valley.
  • 1844, John C. Fremont, with his group, arrived in Las Vegas. His writing made this land a lure to significant number of individuals.
  • 1855, a fort was built at Las Vegas, halfway between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.
  • 1905, Las Vegas was founded as a city, occupying 110 acres of current downtown area.
  • 1909, Clark County was created. Las Vegas became the county seat.
  • 1911, the city of Las Vegas incorporated.
  • 1935, Hoover Dam was completed and Las Vegas tourism began to bloom.
  • 1945, tourism and entertainment took over the major drive in economy.
  • 1951, the first atomic bomb was exploded north of Las Vegas.
  • 1956, Las Vegas City added one square mile of land, first addition in such kind since its incorporation in 1911.
  • 1960's, Las Vegas gambling industry continued to flourish in Las Vegas. Gambling turns into "gaming."
  • 1970 to 1980, gaming (gambling) became a legitimate business in Vegas.
  • 1973, the city of Las Vegas was divided into 4 wards.
  • 1975, the first election by ward was held in Las Vegas.
  • 1999, the city of Las Vegas was divided into 6 wards.
  • 2000, Las Vegas has been the largest metropolitan city in America founded in 20th century with a population of 478,434.
  • 2005, Las Vegas celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Fun Facts[Back to top]


Throughout the century-plus years, Las Vegas, from a seldom visited valley, has developed into an internationally renowned city for gambling, shopping, dining and entertainment. Forget those boring numbers and statistics. Now let's learn something interesting about this alluring city!


Do you know when the first casino was opened in Vegas? Or how many Las Vegas casino hotels on the Strip? Or what to be noted about tying the knot in this wedding capital of the world? Keep reading and you will get a wealth array of fun facts about Las Vegas.

  • Just like Alice dropped into the Wonderland accidentally, Raphael Rivera discovered Las Vegas Valley also by chance:

    In 1829, he, together with a 60-man party led by Antonio Armijo, proceeded along the Spanish Trail towards Los Angeles. When the caravan stopped approximately 100 miles northeast of the current Las Vegas, a small scouting party was separated, continuing to ride west in search for water.

    However, Raphael left this party and lost into an unexplored area! In the following two weeks, he discovered a valley abundant in water and green grounds, which is now known as Las Vegas Valley.

  • The construction of Hoover Dam has a profound effect on Las Vegas. It took nearly 21,000 men 5 years to complete the Dam, which brings a huge increase in Vegas population. When the Dam was finished in 1935, it became a boost to the city's tourism and economy. President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke at the dedication for this world's tallest dam.

  • Las Vegas Strip, known as the city's "action zone," is the most sought-after destination in Las Vegas. But anyone has told you that the most part of the Strip is, actually, not within Las Vegas city limits but Clark City?

    Stretching about 4.2 miles (6.8 km) along Las Vegas Boulevard, this Strip is roughly between Sahara Avenue to the north and Russell Road to the south. It is really an amazing marvel, decorating the cityscape and skyline of Las Vegas with a diversity of dramatic architectures.

    Most of attractions on the Strip are casino and resort properties. It is quite notable that 19 of the world's top 25 largest hotels are seated on the Strip, with a total room number over 67,000!

    (Do you know: Home to those top-name gambling venues in Vegas, the Strip, in total, has 30 casinos, all including hotel business expect Slots-A-Fun, the only pure casino on the Strip.)

  • Walking north further from the Strip, you will get to downtown Las Vegas which highlights an awesome complex of mall, entertainment and attraction. Yea, it is Fremont Street Experience, the only one in Vegas comparable to the Strip.

    This venue gets its name for the fact that it occupies nearly 5 blocks of Fremont Street. However, do you know this street with a rich history was once closed to traffic?In September 1994, Fremont Street, nicknamed as "Glitter Gulch," was closed to traffic problems. Then the construction of the Experience broke ground in the same month.

    (Do you know: The idea of building this terrific complex is to lure more people to the downtown area, which had been under the neon light of the Strip for long.)

    sFremont Street Experience was finally completed in July 1995 but opened to the public a bit later on December 14.

  • You may frequently see five eye-catching words in most movies shot in Las Vegas - Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. This famous sign was founded on Las Vegas Strip in 1959. It is 25 feet tall, in a diamond shape, designed and created by Betty Wills, a female graphics designer.

    Today this sign has become a landmark on the Strip, as well as a symbol of Las Vegas, indicating the ultimate entertainment just behind it for those who visit Las Vegas. Upon the city's 100th anniversary in 2005, the image of this featured sign was added onto Nevada license plate, which was released to commemorate the celebration.

  • Everyone knows that casinos and gambling are the main draw of Las Vegas. The city, particularly the Strip, has extensive casinos or casino hotels to get visitors entertained. However, do you know that gamble was once illegal in this world-known gambling city?

    According to a law issued in 1910, gambling was illegal in Las Vegas for many years, until in March 1931, it was officially approved and legalized by Nevada Legislature.

    Immediately after gambling was legitimate, Las Vegas got its FIRST casino named the Northern Club, which is now the La Bayou.

    The FIRST casino hotel opened in Las Vegas was Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, which was opened in 1906 on Fremont Street, today in the Fremont Street Experience.

    The FIRST desegregated casino hotel in Las Vegas is Moulin Rouge in 1955, quite popular with black entertainers at that time.

    Currently, in Las Vegas, there are more than 1,700 licensed gambling venues, including 78 casinos with table games. Maybe the following numbers will show you how inviting gambling is in Vegas:

    - 87% visitors ending up their trip in Las Vegas with gambling
    - 3.9 hours per day per visitor spent in gambling

  • Guess how many visitors have been to Las Vegas? Till 1970, merely 6.7 million people visited this Entertainment Capital. However, this number has strikingly skyrocketed to over 36 million in 2009!

    Each year, about 36.7 million visitors come to Las Vegas, staying an average of 3.6 nights in the city. The average hotel room rate is $66 per night.

    (Do you know: One interesting fact is that Las Vegas is particularly preferred by Hawaiians. It is estimated that almost 3,000 Hawaiians go to Las Vegas each week. It's no wonder that Las Vegas, sometimes, is referred to be the 9th island of Hawaii.)

  • Las Vegas, in many people's eyes, is like a seductive beauty, for it encompasses a variety of adult-related entertainment. Otherwise, how do you think the city is titled the Sin City? Now let's look back to 1957 for a casino property called Dunes.

    Dunes was opened in 1955 on Las Vegas Strip. Its early years were fabulous to some degree, but the struggle started gradually for its unpreferred location on the Strip and financial difficulties. Then the frustrated Dunes gave its desperate move.

    On January 10, 1957, a group of topless showgirls appeared on Dunes' stage! This topless show, called Minsky's Follies, set a surprisingly single week attendance record of 16,000. This step was very crucial to Dunes' life, though causing a great uproar in the city.

    However, the Dunes Casino Hotel was eventually closed in 1993, in the same month of the topless showgirls' debut.

  • There is one thing that must be mentioned whenever people talk about Las Vegas -Las Vegas weddings! Many people choose to marry in Las Vegas, for there is no long waiting period or the blood test to tie the knot in this city. No wonder that Las Vegas is also called "the Wedding Capital of the World" with an average wedding number of 315 each day. The fee for one marriage license is $60 in Las Vegas, plus an additional fee for service.

    (Do you know: Bet most people might not know that the marriage licenses are actually not issued by the city of Las Vegas but Clark County at any County Marriage Bureau location!)

  • Though the "Council" form was adopted in 1944 in Las Vegas, the large-scale voting for the major and 4 city councilmen eventually occurred in the first election in 1975. But the councilmen were still called as "commissioner" until 1983 when the new City Charter, by the legislation, changed their title into "councilmen."

    In 1999, based on a vote of Las Vegas citizens, the city was, again, divided and this time, it turned into 6 wards. This change was effective from January, 1, 2000. The terms of the mayor and each of the six councilmen are 4 years, with the elections happening every 2 years.

  • Did you know that the first Friday of each month in Las Vegas sees the "First Friday" celebration? This event takes place in a part of downtown area called "Arts District" and features the FREE exhibits of fine works from local artists and musicians.

    That's far from being enough! Every Thursday night prior to First Friday is known as "Preview Thursday," which showcases new gallery exhibitions all over the district...all for free!


Over the years, the city never stops its effort to be thriving and prosperous. After all those years of developing, Las Vegas now becomes a famous city of the world. And the long and rich history makes this beautiful city even more glamorous and charming, attracting lots to Vegas travel for sure.


Geography[Back to top]


As an internationally renowned tourist destination, Las Vegas has lots of unique characteristics. One of the most interesting things to note about Las Vegas is that this city is situated in the sparsely populated Mojave Desert within Clark County in the southern tip of Nevada. Las Vegas is nestled in the center of Las Vegas Valley, just west of the Colorado River and Lake Mead


The Valley is actually an intermontane ARID BASIN that stretches about 600 square feet, running from northwest to southwest. It is enclosed by colorful ranges which extend over 2000 feet above the Valley floor, like Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sunrise Mountains, Black Mountains and Spring Mountains that lie to the west of the city.


The Black Mountains bound Las Vegas Valley on the south, while the Sheep Range on the north. On the eastern rim of the Valley lie several small ranges, like the Eldorado Range and Muddy Mountains.


The highest peak around the city is Mount Charleston that soaks up to 11,918 feet. The elevation of Las Vegas is about 2,180 feet above the sea level. However, the mountains surrounding the city reach an average elevation of more than 10,000 feet.


Interestingly enough, the color of these mountains vary from pink to rust and then to gray. This might also be accounted as one of the amazing sights of the Sin City. Besides, magnificent mountains around Las Vegas give the city incredible vista views of sunrise and sunset.


The Las Vegas Valley slightly SLOPS downward from west to east. That influences the climate of the city significantly, in terms of humility, rainfall and many other climatology features. Besides, mountains surrounding the city could partly affect the climate of Las Vegas.


Main features of Las Vegas geography:

  • Located on the Las Vegas Valley.
  • The arid basin is a little gradient.
  • Surrounded by mountains.


Climate[Back to top]


If you have ever visited Las Vegas for one or more times, you must have gained some understanding of its special climate. When talking about summer days in Las Vegas, your may knit your brows and use words like hot, windy and dry. However, people coming to Vegas in winter will love its warm and moderate weather.


Sitting in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas boasts a subtropical desert climate which makes it possible for the city to enjoy abundant sunshine all the year around. According to major records, the city has an average of nearly 300 sunny days annually. That is to say, if you live in the city for a year, you will be able to enjoy 3,800 hours of sunshine!


Throughout an entire year, there would be nearly 216 clear days in Las Vegas. Rainfall is minimal and it's said that the annual precipitation is only 4.5 inch. According to official statistics, most of the precipitation in Las Vegas happens in winter. March can be the wettest moth while June is the driest.


Compared to weather of many other parts of the United States, Las Vegas weather is typically warmer and drier. This mild climate invites people from everywhere to relocate to the city. People living in northern states can come to Vegas for warm seasonal temperature. Well, if you have got enough of tornados in southern states or battered by hurricanes in the east, take advantage of the calm climate of Las Vegas.


Pros of Las Vegas weather:

  • Mild climate.
  • Short and warm winter: the highest temperature - 60F; the lowest - 40F.
  • Snowfall is rare in this city (but still possible).


Cons of Las Vegas weather:

  • Dry weather & low humidity.
  • Summer is really hot.
  • Extended summer period, from June through September.


Laws[Back to top]


Las Vegas is regarded by many travelers as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whenever you are traveling to Vegas, it is important to know and understand some of the laws of the city. With a wide array of world-famous casinos, many people are perhaps attracted to Vegas for its exceptional gambling. Due to this, gambling laws would be a must understand before traveling there.


Frankly speaking, to maintain gaming licenses, casinos are expected to comply with very strict rules. Whether entering a casino for gambling, consuming alcoholic beverages or just purchase, you must be 21. (This means actual age. So, it is unworkable if you're over 21 in "dog years" or your 21st birthday is coming up soon.)


Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed in the casino area, even if his / her parent is gambling. So, if you travel with your children, make sure to let them stay in the casino public walkways, as they are not allowed to be near slot machines or gaming tables. If you (under 21) need to pass through gaming areas to access other facilities, you can only use the designated paths.



  • If you have a "baby" face, it is better to take your ID photograph like a driver's license with you when entering a casino. Also, you will be routinely asked for ID for tax purposes if you play and win a hand-payable jackpot. For those who are unluckily discovered as underage, all their winnings will be forfeited.
  • Make sure not to use of cellular telephones in the sports book betting areas.
  • Be noted that photography of any type is not prohibited in the gaming machine or table areas in most casinos.


Las Vegas is also one of the most sought after wedding destinations in the world. Still remember an episode of "Friends" that Ross and Rachel got a drunken wedding in Las Vegas and then made a quick annulment after they got over the hangovers? Yup, that's how it works in Vegas. What you need is just 5 minutes to get married. Getting divorced is also ridiculously quick and handy. Anyway, marriage in Las Vegas seems insane but not beyond the law.


Officially speaking, no minors under the age of 18 are allowed to get married in Las Vegas. It can't be easier to get married in Vegas as long as you have attained maturity or legal age. According to Las Vegas law, people above the age of 18 can get married in marriage registry and get marriage certificate with No blood test or waiting period. Best of all, the registry is open to public all year round including weekends and holidays.


All you need to is to bring your birth certificate, passport, one form of I.D., a driver's license as well as $60 cash to the Marriage Bureau ahead of the ceremony. And don't forget to bring your soon to be wife or husband!


Your marriage licenses issued by the Marriage Bureau of Las Vegas are globally acknowledged and recognized. Same-sex marriages are equally treated in this adult town. Las Vegas is way more tolerant than you possibly think.


Education[Back to top]


Las Vegas is definitely a world class vacation destination. However, it's more than a hot spot for travelers. The city also gains a reputation for the wide selection of educational opportunities it could offer. Education is now a vital part of the city.


Las Vegas is served by the Southeast Region of the Clark County School District that features a total of 186 elementary schools, 38 high schools and 8 special schools etc. According to official statistics, in Las Vegas metropolitan area, there are nearly 28 elementary and secondary schools and more than 90 pre-schools and day care centers.


If you'd like to choose a school in Las Vegas, you'll get a lot of options there, from early child care school to high-tech educational institution. Colleges, universities and skill training schools are also abounding in this city. For comprehensive resources, you can count on the Las Vegas-Clark County Library which has 24 branches around the region.


Besides, Las Vegas also boasts a variety of researched centers and institutions that focus on natural history, environment, computer science or other projects. Some of the centers, like Desert Research Institute's research center, carry hundreds of projects each year and get great achievements from time to time. That really makes great contribution to the city as well as the country.


Many people do not go out of state for university. For locals in Vegas, University of Nevada Las Vegas is a nice alternative for out-of-state universities. It's located just about 1.5 miles from the famous Las Vegas Strip. After established in 1957, the UNLV has become a vital educational resource in Vegas, one of the fastest-growing and most energetic cities in the nation.


The urban university specializes in more than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs. Excellent majors include engineering, hotel management, computer science and economics etc. Though higher education is quite costly at UNLV, there're enough activities and Las Vegas clubs to keep you busy. Whether you're just seeking fun or competition, UNLV has a specific program for you.


Looking for some athletic facilities on campus? You're coming to the right place! UNLV is home to some of the best collegiate athletic venues in our nation. The famous Thomas & Mack Center is the home court for men's basketball and volleyball. It also plays hosts to various hockey and basketball games. Many other Las Vegas events are hosted at the multipurpose events center as well, like ice shows, conventions, concerts, Las Vegas music festivals and professional wrestling shows and more.


Of course, you can find more athletic facilities on campus, including:

  • Cox Pavilion
  • McDermott Physical Education Complex
  • Sam Boyd Stadium
  • Student Recreation and Wellness Center


When it comes to major higher education facilities in Vegas, one name that cannot miss is the College of Southern Nevada. It's ranking as the third largest community college throughout the country with an enrollment of 30,000 students. It has three campuses in Las Vegas. If you're just looking for some top disciplines for study, choose from culinary arts, dental hygiene, resorts & gaming, automotive technology and criminal justice and more.


Transportation[Back to top]


It is known that transportation plays a key part in a city's development, especially in so-called tourist cities. As one of the most visited cities in the United States, Las Vegas, of course, does offer a wide variety of ways to help you get around, although there is no subway system in Vegas.


A bus ride (Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada - RTC Transit) is just an inexpensive and convenient way, particularly for those who want to travel up and down the Strip or to and from downtown. It operates scheduled routes throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Most buses run between 5am to 1:30am daily and some of them run 24 hours a day.


Take Deuce (operated by RTC) for instance. This route runs between Mandalay Bay on the south and Palace Station on Sahara on the north. It costs $3 for adults and $1.5 for children and seniors. Be noted that the bus no longer goes downtown. If you are going to the area of downtown, use this route - ACE Gold Line. This route has limited stops along the Strip and continues downtown, with the same fare as Deuce.


If scenic, resort-to-resort, climate controlled travel is your thing, Las Vegas Monorail could be perfect for you. Located on the Las Vegas Strip, this transit system travels along the east side of the Strip with 7 stops behind hotels and casinos and at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It costs $5 for a single ride, $12 for one-day pass and $28 for three-day pass. And getting from here to there is no much cheaper than cabs and rental cars. However, it may take a bit longer time (usually 30 minutes to an hour) to wind from one point to another. So, if you're in a hurry, take a taxi.


As one of the easiest ways to get around, taxi service is almost available anytime and anywhere (be sure to jot down the cab number and driver's name). When you enter a cab, the driver will start the taximeter (also called the drop) and an initial charge of $3.3 will register. If you take a taxi ride from the McCarran International Airport, there is an additional airport charge of $1.8 per trip. After the initial drop, the taximeter will assess a fare of $2.4 per mile. Anyway, prepare to pay at least $10 to go anywhere.


Walking from casino to casino or hotel to hotel seems to be a good idea. After all, you don't want to pass up the beautiful sights or the neon. However, after a long time walk (especially during hot summer days), you've got enough. At that time, what about aFree ride? Some Las Vegas hotels have constructed trams between their properties and other locations. Now trams connect the following properties:

  • Fremont to Sam's Town
  • M Resort to Airport
  • M Resort to Fashion Show Mall
  • Mandalay Bay Resort to South Point
  • Palace Station to Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel to Fashion Show Mall
  • Bellagio to City Center


If you plan to hang around a lot of places and your time in the city is short, consider renting a car, as you will often forgo a wait. On the other hand, with cheap Las Vegas car rental, you may save a lot of money on transportation, as taxi fares can add up quickly. Plus, just outside of Las Vegas are some of the best sights, like Hoover Dam and Leak Mead. It often requires you to drive to those destinations. Anyway, whether staying a few days or longer, you would be better suited with the flexibility and convenience of a car.


Generally speaking, renting a car at McCarran International Airport is quite cheap and popular. Located at exit door 10 or 11, all the rental agencies are under one roof - McCarran Rent-A-Car Center. There is complimentary shuttle service that takes you from the airport to the facility. It is said that there is an extra 30 minutes increasing in the time it takes to pick up or drop off your vehicle. So, you'd better add this to your arrival and departure time to assure you won't be late for Las Vegas flights or meetings.


Even if you are an out-of-town visitor or international traveler, you simply don't have to worry, as the city is also easily accessible by plane. For those who are flying into the city, McCarran International Airport (LAS) will serve their needs well. The airport is served by many domestic and international air carriers. Be noted that prepare $3 to rent a luggage cart at the airport. A great thing for gambling lovers is that the LAS even has more than 1,234 slot machines throughout the airport terminals. To travel between the airport and your hotel or destination, you can choose from the following means of transportation:

  • Taxicabs: To take a taxi, go to the east side of baggage claim, outside door exits 1-4. Taxis are also available at the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center. Be noted that some taxis do not accept credit card as form of payment. So if you plan to use a credit card for payment, notify the attendant.
  • CAT Bus #108: The bus will pick up passengers at Ground Level Zero, departing every 20 - 30 minutes. You can take the escalator down from the baggage claim and walk towards the parking garage. The covered bus stop will be found on the right. The bus costs $2 each way and runs along Paradise Road to the Convention Center and the LV Hilton.
  • Shuttle Buses & Limousines: Plenty of shuttle and limousine services are available at the airport, on the west side of baggage claim, outside door exits 7 - 13. The shuttle service will take you to any Las Vegas hotel and casino on the Strip or downtown for $6 or so. Please note that there are both group shuttle and for-rental stretch limousine services.


Las Vegas understands travelers expectations. That's why there is a corporate choice for aviation - Henderson Executive Airport (KHND) in the city. The airport is conveniently located just minutes from glittering Las Vegas Strip. This is definitely an ideal alternative to LAS. Depending on the hotel you choose, shuttle service to and from the airport may be offered (be sure to check the info about your hotel).


Casinos[Back to top]


Have you ever seen the film "Casino"? The thrilling casino scenes in the film seem to be a daydream for most of us. It's almost impossible to believe the extremely breathtaking casinos. But your dreams can come true in some famous gambling cities. Especially when you're in Macau or Las Vegas, you will be on awe of its highest level of Las Vegas casino gambling fun.


Under our nation's federal law, gambling is a legal activity. But it varies in states as each state is free to prohibit or allow it. Of course, casino-style gambling is legally restricted in many states. The only state that allows statewide casino-style gambling is Nevada. Las Vegas also earns its reputation as the world's gambling capital. The excitement of gambling in Vegas is unbeatable.


After its foundation in 1905, Las Vegas only started serving as a casino powerhouse in 1931 with the legalization of gambling in the whole state. It developed into one of the world's greatest gambling cities by the 1950s. When you come to Vegas to gamble, there's no need to worry what Las Vegas has. The question is what Las Vegas doesn't have. Now both mega-casinos and small casinos in Vegas have all forms of gambling.


If you're devoted fans of real slot machines, Las Vegas is obviously the perfect destination. Almost 200,000 licensed slot machines are available in Vegas. Most casinos provide a wide selection of gaming options, like Video Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps and more. Las Vegas also hosts the annual World Series of Poker, attracting various top poker players. Other big draws of Las Vegas casinos are sports betting and horse racing.


It's quite strange that Las Vegas has few casinos with no hotels. Most of them are managed together with hotels. You must know a name - Slot A Fun, one of the few casinos without hotels in Vegas. It's a small casino on the famous Strip, just next to Circus Circus.


If low limits are your thing, Slots A Fun is the right destination on the street as some of the lowest table-game betting minimums are offered there. Partly due to that reason, it's a place where old people like to play. Well, this small place also has cheap foods and drinks. Remember not to go there with high expectations.


When you look beyond, you can also find a casino on Las Vegas Boulevard in North Las Vegas - Silver Nugget Casino, a place with more than 23,000-sq-ft gaming fun. This casino is a local favorite. You can choose table games, some of the hottest slots and sportsbook games. Make sure to try the bingo as it's one of the BEST in town. The bowling center is a great place for rest and relaxation after exciting gaming action. Watch entertainment Las Vegas shows and have some foods and beverages.


In the casino industry in Las Vegas, one of the most respected names can be Boyd Gaming, a casino entertainment company based in Vegas. It has a total of nine casino properties in Vegas. You can never ask for more with wonderful entertainment experience and impeccable attention to customer care.


Do you know the first "locals" casino in Las Vegas? It was the Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall opened in 1979 by Boyd Gaming. The place has one of the largest casino floors throughout the city. Boyd Gaming also operates several other casino properties, like Gold Coast, Fremont and California.


Compared with stand-alone casinos, arcades in Las Vegas are a popular alternative. Various smaller arcades can be found in most hotels. If you prefer mega arcades with an amazing assortment of arcade games, Las Vegas has enough to meet your needs.


The Pinball Hall of Fame seems to be one of the best arcades in Vegas. You can find it on Tropicana Avenue. It's absolutely an ideal place to go when you want to reconnect to older arcade games in Vegas. Believe it or not, it's one of the most interesting yet unknown things to do during a trip to Vegas. Look for more options? Check the places listed below.

  • Gemini Arcade Palace
  • Gameworks
  • Frankie's Tiki Room


Are you a first-time gambler? You may be sitting helplessly behind a slot machine or a poker table. Forget it! Get involved and have an exciting gambling experience in Vegas. A bit of advice can help you have a more memorable casino vacation.


Tips for Safer Gambling

  • Most casinos in Vegas have free lessons on many games, like craps and roulette and much more. Attend these lessons at your casino if you need.
  • If you're interested in certain games, watch the game before playing. Then you can get some helpful insights, like the best time to place bets.
  • Don't lose your shirt. Before stepping into a casino, you'd better set your budget. Never try to bet more than you can afford to lose.


Casino Hotels[Back to top]


Keeping a few tips in mind can help you avoid losing big money at your casino. But do you know that the perpetual heartbeat of Las Vegas never dies down? The city is most renowned for its casino culture and gambling. The music of Las Vegas sounds like this: the snapping of card shuffling, the sound of clicking roulette wheels and slot machines.


If you're looking for some kind of action, you can find it in Vegas. There may be casinos elsewhere, but Las Vegas is home to many of the world's most famous casino resorts. A plethora of gambling, Las Vegas dining and entertainment options are within your reach.


There're three distinct categories of casino hotels in Las Vegas. The Strip is the core of some of the most famous casino resorts and attracts millions of visitors every year. Casino hotels in the downtown area tend to reflect classic Vegas. Of course, Las Vegas has plenty of off-Strip casino hotels throughout the city.


Stay and Play at Downtown Casino Hotels[Back to top]


When you're looking for an experience like a state fair gambling, downtown Las Vegas is just made for you. Casinos are scattered around an outdoor pedestrian zone. The only place in Vegas to experience Vintage Vegas! Many casinos are operated within hotel properties. So that hotel guests can enjoy 24-hour non-stop gaming without stepping outside the hotel premises.

When you want to get the most of both the main Strip and Fremont Street Experience, the hotel is an excellent option. It has an odd location between the downtown and Strip area. The rooms at the hotel are very clean and beautiful. Compared with other hotels in the downtown area, this one is of great value for your money.


On floor level lies a small casino. It's not very crowded. To be honest, the casino isn't as plush as you'd expected. But it does involve much fun with great table stakes and friendly staff. When you need more fresh air, go to the observation deck on the top and you can have fabulous Las Vegas views.

  • Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

Golden Gate is an excellent place if you think the Strip is a bit flashy. It has a great location on the end of Fremont Street Experience. If you'd like to stay in the heart of old downtown, you can't miss it.


As Golden Nugget Las Vegas is the OLDEST casino in Vegas, the hotel seems to be a little aged. But the rooms have been recently remodeled and you can experience spacious accommodations with brand new furnishings. Remember to get a Shrimp Cocktail and it's definitely a must eat. When night falls, the casino gets to be a fun oasis with cheap limits on tables and tends to be crowded.

  • Binion's Horseshoe Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Binion's Hotel & Casino is a nice hotel in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. For the price, it's really great! Try the excellent foods and wonderful pool area. You won't be disappointed. As composed to bigger casinos on the Strip, Binion's has comparatively cheaper tables and nicer dealers. It has a typical classic casino on Fremont Street.

  • Main Street Station Hotel & Casino

Nice yet affordable rooms can be found at the Main Street. You just need to take a short walk to the Fremont Street Experience. Most guests to the hotel appreciate the impressive splendor of the Victorian era settings. Some historic pieces of art and architecture have been preserved there.


It also has a pretty nice casino with a variety of slots, table games and video machines and more. Best of all, it's connected to the magnificent Boyd Gaming Casinos, a place where you can experience signature gambling hospitality at its finest.


Ultimate gambling excitement is guaranteed with more casinos in downtown Las Vegas.


  • Fremont Hotel and Casino
  • Gold Spike Hotel and Casino
  • Las Vegas Club Hotel & Casino
  • Plaza Hotel & Casino
  • Fitzgeralds Casino & Hotel Las Vegas
  • Four Queens Resort & Casino
  • California Hotel and Casino
  • El Cortez Hotel and Casino


Casino Hotels on the Strip - Ultimate Vegas Experience[Back to top]


Las Vegas Strip is a dreamland for most visitors to Vegas. Endless casinos, sky-dotting hotel resorts, lines of Las Vegas bars and shopping destinations...They are really awesome! The miles-long street is home to one of the largest collections of world-class hotels and casinos in the world. Whether you're looking for best equipped casinos or most lavish hotels, you can find it there.

  • The MGM Grand

A large hotel with a great location on the Strip! The MGM Grand Las Vegas has a bit of something for every guest. Though it does not have the highest quality rooms on the Strip, rooms in the West Wing are really a quiet retreat from the busy Strip.


If you want to kick back and relax, go to the pool area. The incredible area looks like something out of a magazine. Stop by the fascinating Lion Habitat and watch lions. Right off the side of the Lion Habitat is the casino, the largest one in Vegas. The huge casino floor is filled with excitement, offering numerous game tables, slot machines and poker rooms.


  • The Bellagio

The great location in the heart of Strip puts you in the middle of everything. When it comes to extravagant accommodations, never hesitate to book a lake view room if you can afford it. At night, you can watch the world famous Fountain Show from your room. Really spectacular! If you prefer newer and larger rooms, stay in the Spa Tower.


If you're into gambling, the casino at Bellagio Las Vegas is truly a big magnet. The spacious casino with lavish interior design is well maintained and never too packed. Try your luck at the various slots, table games or Race & Sports Book.

  • Caesars Palace

Due to the excellent location in the middle of the Strip, Caesars Palace is centrally located close to everything you desire. You're sure to be impressed by its classic feel: magnificent beauty and plush decors. Being connected to the Forum Shops, Caesars Palace is a heaven filled with more than 120 stores.


Looking for some thrilling casino action? Come to one of the coolest casinos on the Strip at Caesars Palace. More than 129,000 sq-ft casino space has everything you need, from favorite table games to high limit slots.

  • Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Are you just looking for an island-themed venue for ultimate relaxation and entertainment? Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino is a place like that. The hotel is located far from the main Strip area, creating a serene environment for guests. This is a great destination especially when you're traveling with kids.


The casino at Mandalay Bay is also top notch. It's definitely a pretty place to hang out. The huge casino space is decorated with a Mediterranean theme: flowing water, plush foliage and beautiful architecture. 


In fact, almost all casinos on the Strip are really great. In addition to the mentioned names above, some other famous casino hotels are well worth a visit.

  • Circus Circus Hotel Casino
  • The Palazzo
  • The Venetian
  • Mirage Las Vegas Hotel Casino
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Treasure Island Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
  • Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino
  • Aria Resort and Casino
  • Flamingo
  • New York New York Hotel and Casino
  • Bally's Las Vegas


Off-Strip Casino Hotels in Vegas[Back to top]


  • Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Situated in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Red Rock Casino is about 10 miles from the Strip. It's one of the favorite casinos off the Strip for many visitors. After a tired Las Vegas vacation, you can rely on Red Rock Resort for comfortable accommodations, pampering spa treatments and first-class dining.


The casino can be one of the best kept secrets by the locals. It has an awesome layout: bowling alley, movie theater, bingo hall and even a kids quest for small kids.


You may notice that locals in Vegas are less likely to hit casinos on the Strip. Instead, off-Strip casinos are much more popular. Those casinos may not be as glitzy as Bellagio or the MGM Grand. You can still enjoy exciting gambling in small casinos.


-Arizona Charlie's Boulder

-Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

-South Point Hotel Casino and Spa

-Silver Nugget

-Cannery Casino

-Aliante Station

-Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel



  • Casino hotels do offer gaming excitement. But they tend to be noisy and crowded.


Non-gaming Hotels & Motels[Back to top]


As a hub of all kinds of recreations, Las Vegas is definitely a city full of thrill and excitement. You must have known before your trip that casinos and bars can be found in every corner of the Sin City and the fun of Las Vegas never ends.


Though few travelers come to Las Vegas for tranquility and peace, a quiet and relaxing Las Vegas lodging is kind of necessary for you to unwind after an action-packed day. If crowds and noises are not what you want, then non-gaming hotels or motels in Las Vegas might be your best retreat.


Like any other hotels, these hotels can also provide guests with a load of fun, but no gambling. Plus, they are either nestled in serene environment remote from the vibrant area or able to keep noises away from their accommodations. In that case, non-gaming hotels and motels can promise you both enjoyment and tranquility.


If you are afraid that recreations in non-gaming hotels are not enough to keep you engaged, or just want to stay close to all the action in Vegas, choose your hotel carefully. Make sure the hotel or Las Vegas motel of your choice is situated next to a number of area Vegas attractions and popular spots of the city.


Non-gaming hotels or motels seated right on the Strip are undoubtedly great options for you to enjoy typical Vegas fun and thrills. These lodgings are only steps away from many entertainment venues. They put the typical Vegas excitement right outside your door.


On the Strip lodgings - thrills or noise, one step away[Back to top]


Hotels, motels and inns sitting along the world-famous Las Vegas Strip are truly countless. Las Vegas accommodation options are ample, from small studio to the most luxurious suite in the world. Best of all, these properties are surrounded by first class Las Vegas shopping and dining options.


Let's be honest, most Las Vegas hotels on the Strip are too expensive for ordinary travelers. These hotels boast spacious rooms and plush amenities and are very costly. But come on, it's Vegas. Everyone can become a high roller in Las Vegas! Here are a number of non-gaming hotels for you to experience the ultimate luxuryon the Strip:

  • Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas - Billing itself as the first AAA Five Diamond hotel in the city, this non-casino hotel features elegant lobby, spa, onsite Las Vegas restaurants and beautiful gardens with pool and lounges. Owing to its unique location - on the top five floors of Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Tower, the hotel is an ideal place for you to enjoy far reaching views of the city.
  • The Signature at MGM Grand - If you love gambling, you must have heard about MGM Grand before. It's one of the most popular casino hotels in Las Vegas. The Signature is a new part of this hotel. Hidden inside actions and noises, the Signature serves as a serene oasis for travelers to enjoy the peace of mind.
  • Hilton Grand Vacations Club - Hilton also has a couple of locations in the famous Strip area. Hilton Grand Vacations Club at the Flamingo - Las Vegas is centrally situated at the heart of the Strip and offers 300 luxurious Las Vegas suites. Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Las Vegas Strip also features suites and villas equipped with all the amenities you might need for an exceptional vacation.


Other non-casino hotels next to the Las Vegas Strip refer to:

  • THEhotel at Mandalay Bay
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate Resorts
  • Crestwood Suites Las Vegas Flamingo
  • Vdara Hotel & Spa


If luxury is not the key of your Las Vegas trip or you are traveling on a budget, try to stay at non-gaming motels or inns in the vicinity of the Strip. Diamond Inn Motel, Super 8, Travelodge Las Vegas South Strip, Ambassador Strip Inn Travelodge and Travelsuites Inn can be perfect destinations for you.


However, lodgings near the Strip are not the only options that can put you right in the middle of the main action of Las Vegas. Those properties in downtown area can be great alternative retreat. Owing to the convenient traffic, getting to the Strip from downtown Las Vegas is a breeze. So, you can visit many hot spots during the day and get back to your hotel easily.


Stay at historic Downtown & escape the hustle and bustle of the Strip[Back to top]


Looking for non-casino hotels in downtown area? Well, you only have one choice - Cabana Suites. But if you do not mind smaller rooms or intend to save a few bucks on accommodation, options would be abounding as lots of non-gaming motels or inns can be found in downtown Las Vegas.


Nestled in the Fremont East Entertainment District and providing 64 guest rooms, the El Cortez Cabana Suites is a boutique hotel offering smoke-free alternative in downtown Las Vegas. Main perks of this hotel include chic lounging areas, art exhibition space and fully-equipped rooms etc.


You can definitely get a long list if you target motels and inns in downtown area. Inns in this region that feature non-gaming environment include Best Western Main Street Inn, Travelers Inn, Villa Inn, Bridger Inn Hotel Downtown and Eden Inn and so on.


As for non-gaming motels in downtown Las Vegas, the first name that comes to your mind probably is Motel 6 - Downtown. Actually, there are lots of other options:

  • La Palm Motel
  • Lucky Cuss Motel
  • Howard Johnson - Las Vegas Strip
  • Vegas Verdes Motel
  • Monterey Motel
  • Travelers Motel
  • El Mirador Motel
  • Beverly Palms Motel


Non-gaming hotels and motels near the Las Vegas Strip or downtown area can surely put you within convenient reach of all the fun the city has to offer. However, your peace and serenity can be easily ruined by loud music from nightclubs, sirens or train and aircraft noise etc.


To find real tranquility, you will need to stay at off-Strip hotels or motels. Most non-gaming hotels located in this region are surrounded by beautiful nature scenery. Also, you can take advantage of fresh air and enjoy a free and leisurely life.


Enjoy real peace of mind off the Strip[Back to top]


Even if you choose to stay at off-Strip areas in Las Vegas, luxury hotels are also within easy reach. For all Las Vegas suite hotels, you can find Rumor, Emerald Suite - Cameron and Cabana Suites. Besides, there are several all-inclusive Las Vegas resorts for you to enjoy a relaxing getaway. Royal Resort, Desert Rose Resort or Alexis Park Resort might be your top choices.


One of the reasons why so many hotels can be found off-Strip is because of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Plenty of non-gaming hotels, motels and inns are concentrated around the Convention Center, offering first class accommodations for business and leisure travelers. Below is a list.

  • Marriott Courtyard Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Marriott Residence Inn Convention Center
  • Marriott SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Embassy Suites Convention Center
  • La Quinta Inn Las Vegas Airport North/Convention Center


Flying to Las Vegas with heavy luggage bags? No worries! You can consider lodgings only a stone's throw away from the McCarran International Airport. These properties make it a piece of cake for you to commute between the hotel and Las Vegas airport. Some non-gaming hotels, motels or inns near the airport also furnish courtesy shuttles which would be a bonus.


When it comes to motels and inns close to the airport, you can count on Super 8, Motel 6, Comfort Inn, Highland Inn and Best Western Main Street Inn, etc. These lodgings are not only within walking distance of the airport, but also offer convenient access to the Las Vegas Strip.


For your better understanding, some of the hotels in the neighborhood of the McCarran International Airport are listed below.

  • Embassy Suites Airport
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites McCarran Airport South
  • Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton at McCarran Airport
  • Marriott Fairfield Inn Las Vegas Airport & Convention Center


Attractions & Nightlife[Back to top]


After unpacking your luggage in your hotel, it's time to have some fun. Speaking of fun of Las Vegas, many people may associate it with gambling immediately. Yes, as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas is noted for its grand casinos. However, Vegas is more than just poker and slots. There are plenty of other things to do in Las Vegas. Paid attractions or spots that won't cost you a penny, historic sites or thrilling rides, Vegas has got them all covered!


Let's start from Las Vegas Strip. It is known that the Vegas Strip boasts all the fun of the city. In addition to world-famous Las Vegas hotels and casinos, the Strip also has a wealth of fun attractions for visitors of all ages.


If you are traveling with your kids, a must visit on the Strip will probably be Adventuredome Theme Park. The park has a multitude of thrills and attractions under the dome, including the Canyon Blaster, Sling Shot, Disk'O, Rim Runner, Chaos and much more. Each ride costs $5 per person. With so many things to experience, it is recommended to buy All Day Ride Pass. The fare of the pass is $26.95 (48 inches tall or taller) and $16.95 (under 48 inches tall).


The fountain show of Bellagio, a refreshing addition to your attraction options, is a must-not-miss free thing to do in Las Vegas. You will take in a free Vegas show of water, music and light at the entrance of the hotel. The show starts every 30 minutes in the afternoon and every 15 minutes in the evening. If possible, go at night, as the dazzling lighting makes for a more wonderful show.


More top attractions on the Strip are listed below.


- Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

- Eiffel Tower Experience

- Flamingo Wildlife habitat

- Lake of Dreams at Wynn Las Vegas

- Lion Habitat

- Shark Reef - Mandalay Bay

- M&M's World

- Stratosphere Tower Thrill Rides


Now, let's move to downtown. Some locals call downtown Las Vegas "old school" Vegas. Not saying that old school is bad. The place is always a classic place of the city to visit. One of the main attractions in downtown Las Vegas is the Fremont Street Experience.


Located in the heart of downtown, this pedestrian mall is so lit up that you couldn't tell if it was daytime or night-time. At sunset, there is also a free, computer-generated light and sound show presented hourly. This is truly a complimentary, must do for any multiple night trip to the city. What makes it even better is that you can enjoy a relaxed drink while walking down the street. Compared to the Strip, you may find how easy it is to find cheap drinks on the street.


Another jewel of downtown is Las Vegas Natural History Museum. It is a fun and unique way to learn more about Las Vegas and Nevada. Many interesting displays are found at the museum, like animated dinosaurs, southern Nevada's plant and animal life, a live shark exhibit and children's hands-on exhibits. It is a joy to walk through.


Additional attractions in downtown include:

- Arts Factory

- Hand of Faith

- Lied Discovery Children's Museum

- Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park

- Reed Whipple Cultural Center

- Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art


Also, don't forget to have a look at other parts of Las Vegas. As the Entertainment Capital of the World, Vegas, undoubtedly, has no dearth of great attractions anywhere. That is to say, no matter which part of Vegas you are in, you will find plenty of fun things to do.


Looking to get a little bit of nature? Las Vegas Springs Preserve is the place to be. Three miles from the Strip, this indoor / outdoor non-gaming attraction has two indoor galleries with more than 300 interactive exhibits that tell the story of the past, present and future of the Sin City. Other attractions at the Preserve include museums, outdoor concerts and events, colorful botanical gardens and an interpretive trail system that winds through a scenic wetland habitat. Allow for a few hours to be here, as there is so much to see and do.


Sometimes, work and fun coincide, and when it happens, you will have a great time. The Atomic Testing Museum is just well done. Designed to be a highly interactive experience, the museum features touch screens, motion-sensitive plasma TV presentations, audio interviews with former workers from the test site and various other multi-media components.


If you have time for just one out-of-town trip, make Hoover Dam your destination. One of the seven wonders of the industrial world, the dam is surrounded by splendid canyons, colorful rock formations and pristine waters. To enhance your Hoover Dam experience, combine a visit to nearby Lake Mead, where you will enjoy numerous watery Las Vegas Activities.


Some of other top Las Vegas attractions are listed below.


- Bonnie Springs Old Nevada

- Chinatown Plaza

- Clark County Parks & Recreation

- Ethel M Chocolates & Cactus Garden

- Lost City Museum of Archaeology

- Sunset Stampede


Plan to go back to your hotel and watch boring TVs after a daytime trip? Oh, no, that's not a good idea. Sure, you may have enough fun during the day, but when the sun goes down, the action heats up. Las Vegas Nightlife is truly one of the most fun and captivating attractions of the city. As for best places to experience the wonder of nightlife, nothing beats nightclubs and lounges in Las Vegas.


Nightclubs and lounges can be found almost everywhere in the city. You may be overwhelmed with too many bars and too many clubs. However, worry no more - choosing the right venues will give you the best nightlife experience. With so little time, no need to try everything at once. What you need to do is to prioritize what you want out of this adventure.


If it's Strip clubs you are after, venues inside hotels and casinos are some of the most attractive on the Strip and even in the city. The most worthy of mention are Caramel (Bellagio), Lax (Las Vegas Luxor), Cleopatra's Barge (Caesars Palace), XS and Surrender (Encore), Blush Nightclub (Wynn), Asia (Planet Hollywood) and Mandarin Bar (Mandarin Oriental).


Among them, the best first stop would be XS, located inside the Encore Las Vegas. The club surrounds the hotel's sparkling pool, boasting an elegant and passionate environment. With two main areas (indoor and outdoor), dance pools are spread throughout, designed to look like lanterns and chandeliers. Experience it for yourself: you will be glad you did.


Another great stop is Blush Boutique Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas. Being a nightclub, maybe it is smaller than other venues. But, great things do come in small Vegas packages. The ceiling comes with hundreds of lanterns constantly changing colors and bouncing with music, which makes for a fantastic atmosphere. The club even has an outside patio area, ideal for checking out the night sky.


If it's downtown clubs you want, the area also has many choices to drink or dance your night away. Gold Diggers Nightclub is just a great option. With live music, DJ and breathtaking balcony views overlooking the Fremont Street Experience, this club is really a fun place while being easier to get in unlike the Strip.


If you want an exceptional cocktail experience, Downtown Cocktail Lounge could be your place. The lounge is beautiful and intimate, perfect for intimate get-togethers. Featuring seasonal menus and fantastic hand-crafted cocktails, this lounge is considered to be one of the most prominent and respected cocktail bar in Vegas.


More nightspot options in downtown are listed below.


- Beauty Bar

- Brass Lounge

- Hogs & Heifers Saloon

- Rush Lounge

- Vanguard Lounge


Of course, apart from the mentioned above areas, other parts of Las Vegas are also never in short of great nightclubs. Moon Nightclub, Vanity Nightclub, Club Madrid, Club Tequila and Voodoo Lounge, just to name a few - there are plenty of options. But one thing is certain: nightlife in the Sin City has reached legendary status.



  • Make a reservation in advance if you want to ensure that you can grab a seat in your favorite nightclub. For some hottest venues, it is advisable to make a reservation at least a month in advance. Even better, most clubs offer online reservations at discounted prices.
  • VIP culture still prevails in Vegas, especially at night clubs. Buying a VIP ticket would be one of the easiest ways to ensure a quick entrance. It will help you get ahead of the line and enter quickly.


Las Vegas Shopping and Dining[Back to top]


People from all corners of the world flock to the Sin City to have their dreams created or shattered. Not just poker and slots, the city has something for everyone. In fact, it's a city where you can do some serious shopping after getting enough of the gambling excitement day and night. Whether you're looking to a high-end shopping experience like no other or just in search of bargains, Las Vegas would never let you shopping maniacs back home empty-handed.


As the Mecca of shopping enthusiasts, the city has no dearth of premiere shopping destinations. Open-air shopping or enclosed malls, high-end boutique stores or unique-themed specialty stores, it's your call in Vegas! Frankly speaking, your shopping options are virtually endless in this adult town. Yet it's sort of difficult to navigate such a huge metropolis, especially for first-time visitors. Never mind. Shopping around Vegas would be a breeze after browsing through this guide.


Shopping in Las Vegas on the Strip[Back to top]


When talking about shopping in Vegas, the first thing coming to our mind immediately is likely to be the world's most famous 4.2-mile road - The Strip. The Strip showcases a dazzling array of top-notch shopping malls. Some are built within those soaring casino hotels and others are independent. Still can't believe that shopping can be done without stepping out of your hotel? It's Vegas baby! Anything makes sense here.

  • Shops within Resorts


If shops within Las Vegas resort sound appealing to you, try to unwind yourself at Caesars Palace, the Venetian, the Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood, the Cosmopolitan, The Palazzo, Bellagio or Wynn & Encore. Some most exclusive designer brands can be found in The Shoppes at The Palazzo, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, Le Boulevard at Paris Las Vegas, Forum Shops Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, Encore Esplanade, Wynn Esplanade, Via Bellagio and so on.


Looking to most fashion-forward French retail shopping experience in Las Vegas? You can count on Le Boulevard at Paris Las Vegas for heaps of authentic French boutiques. The Le Boulevard, elaborately designed to fit the romantic European ambience of the resort, features winding cobblestone streets and intimate French boutiques. The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood sets itself apart from other establishments on Strip with ultra-trendy, futuristic style. Another hip spot is the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, a great place to stop for specialty shops and designer brands. Whereas, The Tower Shop at Stratosphere literally has something for everyone.


For those who're craving for more options than those high-end shops within resorts, the legendary Las Vegas Strip won't let them down either. To make your Vegas shopping spree more efficient without a hitch, you might take a look at into the following premiere destinations.

  • Town Square Las Vegas


Snuggly nestled at the south end of the Strip, the Town Square allows you to discover the other side of this metropolitan city. You'll feel like in a village aged over time while strolling through their antique streets. When it comes to shopping, Town Square is not difficult to navigate at all despite of its large size. There are specific sections catering to various needs. You can find a wealth of popular brands there like Banana Republic, Abercrombie and Fitch, Sephora, Aldo, Steve Madden, Lucky Brand Jeans, H&M and etc. They are typically not found in those fancy stores within resorts.

  • Fashion Show


Hunting for the hottest shades this season? Look no further than the Fashion Show! Prominently seated at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Spring Mountain Road, the Fashion Show has blended vintage fashion seamlessly with modern touches. The mall boasts more than 200 boutique stores. You can find seven tastefully-furnished department stores in the mall including Saks, Macy's, Dillard's, Bloomingdale's Home, Neiman Marcus and Forever 21. Another highlight of Fashion Show is the 80-foot retractable runway where fashion shows are put on every few days. Just hit the Fashion Show if you want to walk in front of the trend!

  • Las Vegas Premium Outlets - South


Want to buy top designer clothes and accessories at clearance prices? Yup, you heard me, Las Vegas Premium Outlets - South allows you buy the world's top designer brands at affordable prices. The mall is truly a place where you're likely to find some real bargains. Actually, Las Vegas Premium Outlets offers everything from designer handbags to women's boots, trendy accessories to home decor. You have a great selection of both popular brands and designer brands there. All in all, Las Vegas Premium Outlets - South is a must-see destination for budget-minded shoppers who are looking to get more bang for the buck in Vegas.


Your shopping options are but not limited to the above ones. For your handy references, we've listed more preferred shopping destinations on Strip:


- Hawaiian Marketplace

- Showcase Mall

- Mandalay Place

- Crystals Las Vegas


Shopping in Las Vegas off the Strip[Back to top]


For those who want more value but less bling, shopping off the Strip would be a sure bet. Off-Strip establishments are also less crowded than on Strip ones. You can expect more local shoppers but less overflowing tourists. Parking is like a breeze as well. Go shopping in Las Vegas off the Strip and you'll get to experience an unencumbered Vegas shopping experience like no other.

  • sThe District at Green Valley Ranch


The District at Green Valley Ranch is a million miles from ordinary. Prominently located in close vicinity to the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa in Henderson, the district is easily accessible from both the Strip and the airport. Lined up with an array of European-style buildings, The District at Green Valley Ranch showcases over 40 retail shops offering everything from vintage style clothing to casual business wear, outdoor equipments to sophisticated home decor. Free concerts at The Courtyard of the district would be a lovely addition to your outdoor shopping fun there.

  • Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas


Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas is seated way off the Strip at the Nevada/California border. It's one of the best shopping destinations in Vegas despite of its somehow remote location. The mall has been thoughtfully divided into two sections: the Urban Court and the South Beach Court. Specifically built in a circular shape, the mall can't be easier to navigate. You can easily spot your targeted store among their over 100 retails. The Urban Court showcases some best names in the fashion industry like Burberry, Versace, Coach, BCBG Max Azria, Gap and more. The Nautica outlet delights bargain hunters with unbelievable deals.


More shopping destinations off the Strip are as follows:


-Las Vegas Premium Outlets - North

-Tivoli Village

-The Boulevard Mall

-MonteLago Village


-Meadows Mall

  • One-of-a-kind Specialty Stores


Want to pick up some odds and ends in the city? Or just looking for some souvenirs or gifts to bring home as a reminder of your fabulous stay in the Sin City? You're not alone to think so. To response to the increasing market demand, specialty stores spring up one after another throughout the city. Here is a list of some one-of-a-kind specialty stores in the city:


- I Can't Believe It's Made in Nevada

- Gamblers General Store

- Bonanza Gift Shop

- The Attic

- Vegas Supplies and Gifts

- Bob's Americana Collectibles

- Yana's Junk, Fine Antiques


After a day hitting the mall, it's time to pamper your palate! The culinary excellence of Las Vegas is just as remarkable as its entertainment industry. It's home to some most celebrated chefs in the world like Tom Colicchio, Tom Colicchio, Mario Batali and more, to name just a few. That's Vegas - a city with great passion on delicate fine dining!


In the mood for a romantic dinner for two with a view of the world's most sparkling skyline? The Strip, home to some the city's finest restaurants, is sure to take your wows. You can find an inviting array of fine restaurants in virtually all star-rated casino hotels on Strip including the Bellagio, Palm, MGM Las Vegas, Hard Rock, Hilton, Paris Las Vegas, Balleys, Wynn, Mandalay Bay and many, many more. The list would go on like forever.


All-you-can-eat brunch Las Vegas Buffets or traditional continental breakfast, international flavors or French desserts, those on-Strip establishments never fails to draw the famous and infamous guests alike. In the following part, we'd like to take some moments to flag about some Vegas' hottest restaurants.


Look no further than Alize at the top of the Palms if you're a huge fan of authentic French cuisine! Prominently seated at the top of the soaring Palms Casino Resort, the Alize offers stunning views of the Strip. Some of their award-winning dishes are but not limited to Andre's Foie Gras Terrine, Grilled Jumbo Prawns, Sauteed Chicken Breast Stuffed with Crab & Truffle, Maine Lobster Thermidor, Pan Seared Muscovy Duck Breast and etc. The wine list of Alize is superb as well. No wonder it has been named as "one of the top new restaurants in the world" by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

  • The Buffet at the Wynn


Voted as "Best Buffet in Las Vegas, 2009" by the Las Vegas Review Journal, The Buffet at the Wynn is bound to deliver you a gourmet experience like no other. The Buffet is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as weekend brunch. There's a huge selection of flavors from all around the world including Chinese dishes, Japanese sushi, Indian cuisine, traditional American food and etc. Chances are you won't crave for anything after couple of days after The Buffet at the Wynn!

  • Shibuya Japanese Restaurant at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino


If sushi and Teppanyaki happen to be your favorites, don't miss out the Shibuya Japanese Restaurant in Vegas! Named after Tokyo's Shibuya district, the Shibuya Japanese Restaurant at MGM Grand is a place to stop for authentic Japanese cuisine. Some of their signature dishes include Braised Kobe Beef Short Rib, Kampachi Sashimi accompanied with Fresh Yuzu Juice, Lobster and Scallop, Seared Foie Gras and more. What's more, this 4 Diamond approved restaurant furnishes guests an extensive selection of Japanese beers and Shibuya Pilsner. All in all, Shibuya Japanese Restaurant is premier destination for Japanese cuisine in Vegas.

  • Rick Moonen's RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay


Bet you must have heard of Rick Moonen if you're into seafood. He is one of the best seafood chefs in the country. Rick Moonen's RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, the celebrity chef's first restaurant in Las Vegas, allows guests to experience two distinctive dining atmospheres there. What really makes Rick Moonen's RM Seafood tower above the rest is their freshly prepared sustainable seafood. Some of Rick Moonen's signature entrees that you can't miss to order are Hazelnut Crusted Rack of Lamb, Pacific halibut, Charred Spanish Baby Octopus, wild Alaskan salmon and more.


Craving for more dining options? Check the following list:


-Wolfgang Puck's Bar and Grill

-Blue Agave Oyster and Chile Bar

-Garden of the Dragon

-Le Cafe Ile St. Louis

-Legends Steak and Seafood

-Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare

-Dan Marino's Fine Food and Spirits

-Golden Nugget Buffet