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Mc-Carran International, one and only Las Vegas airport, is equipped with all the necessary state of the art amenities that you need in a modern airport. It was built in the year 1948 in order to enhance the communication of the city. The millions of gamblers from all parts of the world, who visit the city of Las Vegas to indulge in their favorite casino games and also to enjoy other luxuries, reaped many benefits from this airport.

The location of Las Vegas airport aka Mc-Carran International is at 8 km south from the business district of Las Vegas, convenient for your air travel Las Vegas. This airport along with the runways encompasses a vast area of about 2800 acres. There are total 4 runways in order to accommodate maximum number of flights.

Las Vegas is known for its casinos and is considered a paradise for the gamblers. Hence it is not unusual that the Las Vegas airport will also have some taste of casinos. Mc-Carran International airport has quite a number of slot machines where you can play this engaging game while waiting for your flight. The number of slot machines in this airport is around 1300 which are placed throughout the airport terminal. It's really a unique feature that no other airport has.

Las Vegas airport handles around 6, 25,000 aircrafts and has the capacity to accommodate 53 million passengers which makes this airport one of the busiest airports in the United States of America. It also has many other modern technical features. It provides wireless internet service to all of its passengers without any charge. It incorporates the latest security features like radio frequency identification which keeps the passengers absolutely secured. This modern security device checks the luggage thoroughly in order to avoid all sorts of safety threats.

Las Vegas airport also has the car renting facility which is an added advantage for the passengers who travel to Las Vegas for the very first time. This airport also has two extra terminals called public passenger terminals. In short this is one of the most convenient modern airport providing brilliant services to their passengers.

Most major US carriers operate flights into Las Vegas from across the country. There are also 29 direct flights from European cities to Mccarren international airport including direct flights from London to Las Vegas with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. As ever you can find the lowest cost flights to Vegas by using a price comparison or flight deals website.

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