Red Rock Canyon

The term Red Rock Canyon refers to a narrow valley with a location near the downtown area of Las Vegas. The name was given to the place due to the presence of red sandstones that remain embedded in the mountains and are clearly visible. The layers of red sandstone give a contrasting appearance against the cliff faces and are of 600 meters length. The mountains at the Red Rock western edges include Bridge Point, Rainbow Mountain, Indecision Peak, Sandstone Mountain and Rainbow Mountain. To know more details about this, please go through our articles on travel.
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Make an Eco-friendly Trip to Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas - National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon is one of the most toured places by people who visit and stay in Las Vegas. Nevada and the surrounding areas are known for the abundance of touring services, which mainly include specialists who are newly venturing into eco-friendly services. The Obama administration and the preceding fears of atmospheric damage in the world has propelled many touring business to turn towards eco-friendly vehicles that are used for carrying tourists in the California-Nevada region.

Eco-friendly options for traveling to Red Rock Canyon

Eco-friendly vehicles for Red Rock Canyon trips

Facilities in Red Rock Canyon

Many adventure and touring services often offer cycling and other eco friendly ways of transport as options which are also economically viable for almost every tourist interested in visiting the Red Rock canyon. Tour services have their immensely popular options running in different parts of the city, so that most hotel residents can have easy access to their services. Central Las Vegas and areas like Southfork and Whitney Ranch are amongst popular neighborhoods for touring services.

The downtown area in Las Vegas serves a large number of tourists looking for eco-friendly trips to Red Canyon in beyond the northwest boundaries of the city. One may have to show enough courage in order to reach the place, especially if he or she is suffering from the problems of long distance traveling. Red Rock canyon is located in Utah and one has to cross many of the major cities in the neighboring state in order to reach the Red Rock Canyon.

Film facts about Red Rock Canyon

While visiting the Red Rock Canyon, you may also need to bear in mind that most of the moderate eco-friendly vehicles are not super fast facilities, allowing a possibly of back problems and other complications for elderly people.

Red Rock Canyon Address, Maps and Directions

As a must-do for visitors to Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon area draws more than a million of tourists per year. Known as a National Conservation Area, the Red Rock Canyon area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Featuring red rock formations, this area is very popular for both climbing and bicycle touring.

The view of the Red Rock Canyon is undoubtedly beautiful and the seasonal waterfall is also amazing. Once you arrive at the Canyon, especially on busy days, you are certain to be overwhelmed by the large number of visitors. There are various trails for different abilities. If you're not a hiker, you can choose an easy trail to complete your trip even within an hour. Otherwise, three hours or more can be taken for you to stroll along the loop trail.

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is situated at Clark County, Nevada, United States. It is very close to Las Vegas. On the south side of the Red Rock Canyon area, you can find the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, the Village of Blue Diamond and some other famous attractions.

Surrounded by a variety of restaurants as well as hotels and other entertainment choices, the Red Rock Canyon is also just a short drive from Las Vegas Strip. The Red Rock itself offers a couple of activities like horseback riding for visitors to enhance their Canyon experience. Plus, a number of hiking trails and picnic areas make it a great destination for hikers and families. Rock climbers also highly appreciate this area due to its dramatic landscape and unique geology.

In addition to hiking and rock climbing, tourists can also choose to enjoy some inside sites when visiting the Red Rock Canyon NCA. Attractions located inside the Red Rock Canyon area include:

- Calico Hills: These hills are perfect for energetic visitors. With fascinating view over the whole Las Vegas city as well as Calico Basin on the top ridge, the Calico Hills are very attractive to most climbers.

- Icebox Canyon: It is one of the narrow canyons in this area. The Icebox is also known as a great challenge for rock climbers since it is incredibly steep.

- Spring Canyon: The Spring Canyon is a ravine from where you can get access to one of the seasonal waterfalls of the Red Rock Canyon NCA.

Besides, Calico Tanks, La Madre Springs, Pine Creek Canyon and Lost Creek Canyon are also worth your visit. For more information about the Red Rock Canyon and its surroundings and inside attractions, you can take a glance of the following maps.

Red Rock Canyon from Google Maps

Map of Scenic Loop of Red Rock Canyon

Map and Inside Attractions of the Red Rock Canyon NCA

Map of Red Rock Canyon NCA Hiking Trails

Any visitors who have ever been to the Red Rock Canyon NCA would agree that a trip to the Red Rock is somewhat a day of workout. Indeed, a visit to the Red Rock would definitely a challenge for people who are lack of exercise. If you don't want to be exhausted half way, it is best for you to drive to the destination to save your energy.

For those who are not familiar with this area, referable driving directions are given below. You can also take advantage of Google Maps or other online tools to find the best route for you to get to the Red Rock Canyon NCA.

- Travel from South: Tourists who drive from south should remember to take I-5 and keep going north until you come across the Antelope Valley Freeway-aka. Take Antelope Valley Freeway to turn onto 14th Freeway. Continue straight on 14 Freeway to go through Palmdale, Lancaster and Mojave. Once you see red cliffs on both side of the road, the entrance of the Red Rock Canyon NCA would be on your immediate right.

- Travel from East: Driving visitors from east can take W Charleston Boulevard and head west on it. Keep going straight on W Charleston Boulevard and then turn onto Blue Diamond Road. When you come across State Route 160, turn onto it and continue along. Proceed for a while and you will arrive at the Red Rock Canyon NCA.

- Travel from Las Vegas: Visitors from Las Vegas are suggested to take Flamingo Road and then turn onto I-15S. Stay on I-215W for approximately 13 miles to take Exit 26. After you turn onto Charleston Boulevard, bear left onto NV-159W. Go ahead for about 5 miles and then you will see the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center.

When it comes to driving, you should also pay attention to some features of certain roads to ensure yourself a hassle free driving tour. Off-highway vehicles that are traveling off designated roads might be fined. If you plan to get to the Red Rock Canyon NCA via Rocky Gap Road, preparation and caution would be necessary as this road is incredibly rough. Passenger cars with low clearance are recommended to take other routes instead.

Plus, driving visitors that have to go through Cottonwood Valley should be well prepared for washouts. These unpaved or sandy areas might be also a challenge for both driving visitors and bickers.

Red Rock Canyon Restaurants Guide

Red Rock Canyon serves as National Conservation Area in Nevada, about 24 km west of Las Vegas. This area was established in 1967 and covers 195,819 acres. It is estimated that over one million travelers coming here each year for climbing, hiking, camping, biking and more adventure and exploring activities. Visitors are offered awe-inspiring views unexpected to see in metropolitan cities, including uneven red cliffs, desert sights, and diversified species.

Red Rock Canyon Visiting Introduction

Within a short drive west of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is surrounded with plenty of world-class restaurants and cafes. After an exhausting day of exploration at Red Rock Canyon NCA, you deserve a fabulous and preeminent dining experience. Now follow our guide and discover top rated restaurants and eating sites near this attraction.

- Second Street Grill

Located at 200 Fremont Street, about 0.25 miles from Red Rock Canyon, this restaurant is among the most popular upscale ones in Las Vegas. It is opened from 6 pm to 10 pm on Monday, Thursday and Sunday, and from 6 pm to 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. No service is available on Tuesday and Wednesday. For more information, please call at (702) 385-6277.

The rooms inside are well decorated with woods and splashes of colors, and the seating is quite comfortable. The specialties include steak and seafood with Pacific flavor. A dinner in this restaurant is of great value for both the price and services. As the local residents put it, Second Street Grill is a hidden gem among downtown Las Vegas.

- Chicago Joes

Love the authentic Italian dishes? So never miss Chicago Joes! This restaurant in Las Vegas is going to celebrate its 30 years in Las Vegas in 2011. Located at 820 S 4th Street, it is about 0.84 miles away from the Red Rock and offers home-like dining experience for visitors.

The restaurant is operated Tuesday through Friday from 11 am to 10 pm, and 5 pm to 10 pm on Saturday. On Sunday and Monday, Chicago Joes will be closed. Call at (702) 382-5637 for reservation and more information.

Chicago Joes Restaurant

- Andre's

This is a romantic French restaurant found at 401 S Sixth Street, Las Vegas. The outlook of this restaurant is of French Countryside style and the dining rooms are quaint, small and fantastic. The chief Andre Rochat will show you the hearty and tasteful French cuisine. Another highlight of Andre's is the wide wine selection - over one thousand kinds! At Andre's, you can enjoy an excellent and pricy French dinner.

This French restaurant is about 0.47 miles from the Red Rock Canyon and opens from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm Monday through Thursday, as well as on Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, the Andre's is operated 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm.


- Mamacitas

Located at 611 E. Fremont (about 0.22 miles from the Red Rock Canyon), Mamacitas is a Mexican & Cuban restaurant, offering delivery, breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering services. The layout inside offers a down-home air, yellow and warm light, casual and friendly atmosphere, etc. The features of this restaurant are Cuban Beer and Lunch specials. You can visit Mamacitas daily from 9 am to 11 pm.


Besides what has been mentioned above, there are plenty of fast food restaurants, stands and cafes near the Red Rock Canyon. If you want to save time and money, you can choose the following places to feed yourself to the fullest with less expense.

McDonald's - There are two sites of McDonald's near Red Rock, respectively located at 300 N Casino Center Blvd, and 301 Fremont Street. The former one is just 0.17 miles from your destination and the latter one is about 0.21 miles away.

Panda Express - This is a fast-food style chain restaurant dealing Chinese food. Though many clients complains that the food inside is not quite authentic, you can have a taste of specialties and famous Chinese dishes like Fried Rice, Chow Mein, String Bean Chicken Breast and more. Panda Express is accessible at 450 Fremont Street, 0.18 miles from the Canyon.

Panda Express

Noble Roman's Pizza - If you are in fond of or want to try Taco pizza and a variety of other pizzas and subs, never miss it! It is located at 202 Fremont Street. You can phone (702) 214-8581 or check on its website for menu and catering services.

Noble Roman's

Burger King - You can find the closest one to the Red Rock Canyon at 202 Fremont Street. For more information, you can call (702) 794-9283.

Starbucks - If you would like to have a cup of coffee after the tour, Starbucks tops your options. It is located at 300 S 4th Street and operated 24 hours.

Best Hotels Near Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a national conversation area located west of Las Vegas strip and is known for its high 3000-foot sandstone cliffs. Red rock canyon offers enticements like climbing, hiking, biking, and a 13-mile scenic drive. While most of the beautiful scenery can be experienced while, driving the view from the red canyon is also breathtaking.

What attracts tourists to red rock canyon?

Red Rock canyon being the most scenic spots and located just a few miles from downtown attracts one million people local as well as tourists from all over the globe. Its geological features, plants, animals, sharp contrast of gray limestone and red sandstone rocks, picnic spots, hiking allows you to enjoy the natures wonders.

Which are the best hotels near Red Rock Canyon?

Some of the best hotels near red rock canyon are:
Four Seasons hotel
Best Western Mardi Grass
Best Value Inn
Luxury Las Vegas Suites
Las Vegas Hotel
Best western main street Inn

The above link provides best deal at red canyon and the top rated hotels along with their rates.

Agodas site is an easy way to book accommodation online near red rock canyon and the search tools help to give extensive hotel information.

What do the best hotels near red canyon offer?

The rates of Las Vegas hotels vary according to season but the best hotels offer luxurious lifestyle ranging from gaming, restaurants, outdoor swimming pool fitness centers and different amenities for you to enjoy your ride few mile away to the canyon.

The link below of hotel guides will guide you to the hotels near red rock canyon and the extensive features and packages offered by the hotels making it easier for you to choose according to your budget.

The site also offers online booking, cancellation, discounted rates made available by the hotels.

What's the best way to get to Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon from the Strip?

Red Rock Canyon is the favorite out door destination for the visitors away from the Las Vegas. Here you can experience the breathtaking views of enchanting nature and the mountains with the sandstone rocks and enjoy the sporting adventures.

How to go to Red Rock Canyon?

It is a half an hour drive, which you can take with stopping points to admire the scenic beauty of the mountains and kike a bit. Numerous hiking and sightseeing tours are offered by the ATA to Red Rock Canyon. A rented car or a self-driven car is also advisable.

The link gives you the description of the different tours offered and their rates.

Which is the best route to Red Rock Canyon?

The best way to get to the canyon from the Las Vegas strip is to head north on Las Vegas Boulevard and turn left on Charleston Boulevard also called highway 159.The entrance to the red rock canyon is 17 miles away on your right.

As you enter the area, the map briefs you about the trails where to go, how long it will take, and all the viewpoints where you can stop.

The above link gives the reviews of various travelers who have been there and the best ways you can take to reach the canyon.

Which is the other route to Red Rock Canyon from strip?

From the southwest of Las Vegas head towards route 160 to 159.Either north or south both rotes 95 and I -15 will lead you to Las Vegas from where you can take the route 159 which is the best way and heads towards the canyon. The scenic drive is open from dawn to dusk. However, the timings change with seasons.

You could also visit the official website of the canyon and find all the related links and answers to all your queries about the place.