Grand Canyon National Park Weather Information

Make sure you put the Grand Canyon National Park in your vacation planning, as it is a must visit scenic beauty. As one of the oldest national parks, Grand Canyon National Park is a world heritage site located entirely within the state of Arizona. Tons of tourists flock to the location every year to appreciate this stunning natural wonder.

As the name implies, the most prominent feature of the park is the amazingly inspiring canyon itself. The canyon is mainly divided into three parts: South Rim, North Rim and Inner Canyon. To explore the directions to the three parts, click here:

Directions to Grand Canyon National Park

Are you inching to rush to the Grand Canyon National Park? To have a more enjoyable experience, figure out the weather info about the park before setting out.

Summer: On the whole, the most pleasant time to visit the park is summer. Summer conditions at the South Rim (at 7,000 feet) are relatively pleasant. Compared to the South Rim, temperatures at the North Rim (1000 feet higher than the South Rim) are usually cooler, by reason of increased elevation. The temperatures in the Inner Canyon are extreme. The highest temperature of daytime is often beyond 40° C. Sometimes, you may experience summer thunderstorms in the months of July to early September, with the potential for torrential rains, frequent lightning and sudden flash floods. These thunderstorms always vary in intensity and location, taking place chiefly between 11am and 6pm.

Average Highs and Lows on South Rim in Summer

- June: 27°C / 8°C

- July: 29°C / 12°C

- August: 28°C / 12°C

Average Highs and Lows on North Rim in Summer

- June: 23°C / 4°C

- July: 25°C / 8°C

- August: 24°C / 7°C

Average Highs and Lows in the Inner Canyon in Summer

- June: 38°C / 22°C

- July: 41°C / 26°C

- August: 39°C / 24°C

Fall: The summer heat makes way for autumn's pleasantly cool days with the highest temperatures falling in September. And the summer rains usually reduce in mid September. Low temperatures will commonly decline sharply on the Rim during late fall, but still remain warm in the Inner Canyon. However, late summer thunderstorms or early winter snow storms often occur in this transition season, which makes the weather change abruptly. If you are planning to visit the park during fall, prepare for sudden weather changes.

Average Highs and Lows at the South Rim in Fall

- September: 24°C / 8°C

- October: 18°C / 2°C

- November: 11°C / -3°C

Average Highs and Lows at the North Rim in Fall

- September: 21°C / 4°C

- October: 15°C / -1°C

- November: 8°C / -4°C

Average Highs and Lows in the Inner Canyon in Fall

- September: 36°C / 21°C

- October: 29°C / 14°C

- November: 20°C / 8°C

Winter: With the coming of winter, it gets colder and colder, accompanied with frequent light to moderate snows and increasingly lower temperatures. Canyon scenery may be temporarily blurred during winter storms. Winter temperatures on the South Rim could be extreme. You may experience snow, icy roads, trails and even road closures. The North Rim will be closed in the winter. For specific hours of Grand Canyon National Park, visit this page:

Grand Canyon National Operating Hours & Seasons

Average Highs and Lows at the South Rim in Winter

- December: 6°C / -7°C

- January: 5°C / -8°C

- February: 7°C / -6°C

Average Highs and Lows at the North Rim in Winter

- December: 4°C / -7°C

- January: 3°C / -9°C

- February: 4°C / -8°C

Average Highs and Lows in the Inner Canyon in Winter

- December: 4°C / -7°C

- January: 3°C / -9°C

- February: 4°C / -8°C

Spring: By mid-April, winter weather just comes to the end. The winter cold will make way for a warm and cozy spring period. However, the weather of the park during this season is extremely unpredictable. The freezing rain and snow will continue through April at the higher elevations. Also, fog sometimes takes place to cover on the ground during the months of winter and early spring. But the fog often breaks up quickly by morning.

Averages Highs and Lows at the South Rim in Spring

- March: 10°C / -4°C

- April: 15°C / 0°C

- May: 21°C / 4°C

Average Highs and Lows at the North Rim in Spring

- March: 7°C / -6°C

- April: 12°C / -2°C

- May: 17°C / 1°C

Average Highs and Lows in the Inner Canyon in Spring

- March: 22°C / 9°C

- April: 28°C / 13°C

- May: 33°C / 17°C

If you want to know the detailed road conditions of the Grand Canyon National Park, contact the park at 928-638-7888.

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